My Little Punk 2

My Little Punk 2

‘My Little Punk 2″ Oil Painting on 5×7 Linen Panel.

This is the 2nd of the paintings with the name My Little Punk, but it has made me laugh so much, I couldn’t resist. I picked up several mini pumpkins at the farmer’s market at the end of summer. I love the shapes and colors.

Give this painting as a gift for someone with a great sense of humor or keep it for yourself.

Power Walk

Power Walk

‘Power Walk’ is a 6×6 oil on panel painted alla prima — in one sitting.

I love bold style, and these shoes — this painting! — is all that. When you have great shoes on, you’re empowered to get to business. This modern painting slams bright pink in with loafers that almost seem like a graphic element.

A piece like this would go great anywhere. Brighten up a modern home or even a home that’s a classic. It’s the perfect piece to remind yourself to step out in style.

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone

🖤 ‘Leaf Me Alone’ oil painting on 5×7 linen panel. This painting will always remind me of going for walks in the fall. I become a little obsessed with leaves, how they curl, what their colors are. Whenever I go for walks, I tend to look more at my feet and foliage than where I’m going.

If you love autumn like I do, this may be the perfect painting for you — of course, perhaps you are an introvert and this painting will be your silent declaration to the world to ‘Leaf Me Alone’. 😉


Low top, black Chuck Taylor shoes oil painting.
“Chucks” 6×6 Oil on Panel

Shoes, –> Chucks have been some of my favorite shoes since forever. Why are they so cool?

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? I had Converse low-top tennis shoes in high school. This painting is of my current pair — the shoes that I wear to the farmer’s market in the summer. The shoes that I visit family in. The shoes that I wear when I’ll be putting on the miles.

My Chucks currently have red laces which I LOVE. Perhaps it will inspire another painting.

Find your creative passion and invest in it. Make it. Surround yourself with it.

Make your life beautiful.