You Do You

This young woman has a little attitude. I imagine that she’s thinking how to politely tell someone to MYOB (mind your own business).

I experimented a bit with this one — scratching into the hair for some cool texture. What I LOVE about it (there’s a lot), but the eyes. The eyes!! Or like my son said ‘the eyebrows!). Ha.

This piece was available at 200 Main, but some lovely person has already swooped in and chosen it for their collection.

Golden Sunrise

Driving in that late winter, early spring time and the sun doesn’t come up until 7 a.m. or later — I’m coming over a rise and off to the right is a glowing greenhouse nestled in the snow.

YES — hard right-hand turn!

I pulled into the driveway of the Chippewa Valley Growers and snapped some photos. The whole time there are people driving by on the road, and I’m hoping that no one takes that hard right and finds me parked there in the way.

It was a magical morning.

You can find this work at Artisan Forge Studios in Eau Claire, WI

How We Were

My grandma’s favorite flower (or at least one of them) was fuchsias. Every year she would get big hanging baskets of them and hang them on her deck.

Painting this fuchsia painting I’m reminded of going to grandma’s house (the farm). The best place was sitting on her deck listening to the adults tell stories or play guitar.

— Now showing at 200 Main Gallery