Love come rescue

‘Love come rescue’ is an oil painting that I completed recently for a project in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Health System. Expressing the stories of the healthcare workers in our community rang a bell for me. Thinking about what the healthcare workers have been going through — I wanted to do something as an artist to honor their work.

How has the pandemic impacted you? How do you deal with it? I find that art resonates when it expresses things that we can’t express with words.

The Healing Reflections mural wall visited Eau Claire at the Pablo Center one day. I had the good fortune to be able to speak with Dr. Todd Wright who was one of the people that came up with the idea of the mural project. His enthusiasm and compassion were contagious!

Once I read the stories that were sent to me, one stood out because of the way this person expressed their emotion. Their anger and frustration, the isolation and trying to work through the day-to-day in a situation like the pandemic spoke to me.

I tend to get a rush of ideas, and so it started. The final idea is simple and yet speaks to the essence of what they went through. Isolation — of others because of the pandemic / Covid or because of their own anger or because of the work situation — all are represented by the large, thorny branches. We’re isolated.

The dove is usually seen as a sign of peace or love and yet this dove is flying into the face of all these thorns. It’s coming to rescue us. Will it be hurt in the process?

We can see (and BE) compassion for others by our actions. We can, even when we’re separated, express the love for our neighbor through what we do or don’t do. We (like the dove) may be hurt in the process, but that doesn’t reduce the need or the beauty of the effort.

Below is a video they created that talks about the idea of the mural project. Enjoy!

Mayo Mural Project